Rental Application

When considering applications, Oxford Realty considers:

  • Household Income (Must meet or exceed three times the rent)
  • Criminal Background.
  • Rental History
  • Collections and Judgments
  • Credit Score (625 or Higher)

To verify income, applicants must provide any of the following: Pay stubs, W-2s, tax summaries, loan commitment letters, employment contracts.

Applicants that do not meet the income requirements would be asked to have a guarantor co-sign the lease.

If you’re looking to join our priority waitlist for an occupied unit, you can fill out our Priority Waitlist application here.

To process your rental application there is a fee of $50. This amount covers the comprehensive background check required for all of our residents. Thank you for understanding.

You will get a code from your agent to apply. If you do not have an agent yet, call us at (701) 772-2522 and we’ll help get you started!