Priority Waitlist

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  1. The agreement is between the prospective lessee, hereinafter referred to as "The Applicant," and the property management company, Oxford Realty, hereinafter referred to as "Oxford."
  2. Applicant agrees to submit $1000 to Oxford Realty to secure a position on Oxford’s Priority Waitlist. These funds are will apply toward the eventual security deposit. The Priority Waitlist Deposit is fully refundable and transferrable to other units.
  3. Applicant’s position on the waitlist is determined solely by the date and time in which they pay the full $1000 deposit.
  4. Applicant will receive the earliest contact with Oxford’s leasing team and the opportunity to select from the first available properties. However, Applicant is not granted the sole privilege to reserve any and all properties that become available.
  5. The desired move-in month or unit type takes precedence over the waitlist position. Flexible schedules and unit
  6. Although this deposit is transferrable to other unit types, apartment buildings, and houses, the waitlist position does not transfer. Applicant will be placed in the next available position on the list for the new property or unit type. Applicants may be placed on multiple lists for various buildings or unit types.
  7. preferences should be communicated in this agreement
  8. If Applicant or other members of the applicant’s group does not respond in any way to Oxford’s contact attempts within four hours, Oxford will contact the next group of Applicants on the waitlist.
  9. Applicant will have an opportunity to tour the unit before claiming it. In-person showings are not required to secure a unit.
  10. Time is of the essence in this agreement. Timely performance is required to ensure all Applicants have a fair and efficient leasing experience.
  11. Showings are to be scheduled within one working day of offering a unit, unless both parties agree to a reasonable accommodation.
  12. After a showing, the Applicant has until 12pm the following calendar day to claim the unit.
  13. If Applicant declines an offered unit, that unit immediately becomes available to the next Applicant.
  14. The Applicant’s decision on a unit is final. The security deposit is transferred to the property owner, and this agreement is executed.


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This will secure your place on our priority waitlist with a refundable deposit of $1,000, with an added $30 nonrefundable processing fee. By providing your credit card information below, you authorize us to charge your card for the amount of $1,030. This deposit will hold your spot in line and will be fully refundable according to the terms and conditions outlined in our waitlist policy. Please note that this deposit does not guarantee the availability of a unit, but it ensures that you'll have priority access as units become available. Should you decide not to proceed with leasing a unit, as long as you cancel your waitlist request in accordance with our policy, $1,000 will be promptly refunded to your card. Thank you for considering our community for your future residence. We look forward to welcoming you as a valued member of our community.
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