Eight Easy Steps to Kill a Successful Showing

What is your main goal? Sell, sell, SELL your home!!! What is a Buyer’s main goal? Buy, buy, BUY, and hopefully, it will be YOUR HOME. In order to do this a Buyer needs to feel Your property feels like the home They want to be Their new home.

You need to eliminate You from the picture. To help You and the Buyer I have listed “Eight Easy Steps to Kill a Successful Showing.” Remember!!! You never get a second chance to make a first good impression.

  1. A cluttered or soiled sidewalk leading to the front door and an unkempt front door removes “Welcome” from the showing as do weeds in the flower bed, untrimmed bushes, bare or brown grass (and yellow snow). These things speak loud and clear to a Buyer – work, work, WORK!!!
  2. Cat box not changed.
  3. Trash not taken out.
  4. Soiled clothes lying around (or soiled clothes in laundry basket – remove basket from home if not enough time to wash), dirty dishes (make sure there are no dishes, glasses left in other parts of the house as well), stinky shoes, smelly gym bags, either lying around or stuffed in hall closets. Things like this do not say “Welcome.”
  5. Kitchen appliances. Make sure oven is clean and sparkling – do you want to clean someone else’s dirty oven? Neither does a potential Buyer. Same goes for the fridge (and please, please, please remove clutter from outside of fridge).
  6. Clutter gives the impression the home lacks space – space is “the commodity” every Buyer is looking for in their new home so by all means, clutter, clutter, clutter, it’s guaranteed to kill a sale.
  7. Buyers have difficulty visualizing your home being their new home if your family pictures are on the walls, mantles, etc. Pack them away – after all, they will soon be displayed in your new home!
  8. Remove “Bambi” and his friends and relatives from the premises. Your lifestyle is not wrong – it’s just not for everyone – and like the family photos, pack them away and soon they will enjoy residing in your new home.

Now that you’ve taken care of any of the lurking items noted above, it’s time for me to do my job and thank you so much for helping me to help you.