Pricing Your Home Correctly

According to the National Association of Realtors, when a home is priced right & in good condition…

  • Receive an offer after 10 showings
  • Average 1 – 2 showings a week

There are buyers for your home right now, they just don’t know it is for sale yet.

You, the seller, not the agent, will decide what you ask for your home.

Who will decide what you will get for your home? Answer – the market. Remember if your goal is selling your home, you have to price your home to be in the market, rather than on the market. To achieve this you have to price where other similar houses have SOLD recently, not what your neighbors are “asking” for their house.

Agents will not show overpriced houses to their buyer clients, it is a waste of their time and can ruin their credibility. An agent may show an overpriced home for a buyer to compare it to another home that is priced right. Don’t be the house that sells everyone else’s home.

Note: Our best market time is the first 2 weeks, this is when our buyers will see the house, and we want to have our best fair market price. We don’t want “price reduced” again and again after the potential buyers have already looked at the property and moved on. When will potential buyers come back to buy the house? Answer – Never.

A buyer will not pay you for your memories.

You can over price your home, but please don’t do it in the first 30 days.

The higher the days on market, the bigger the gap between sales to list price.